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Internet Sites Features and Solutions
Whether building an extranet, intranet or internet site, Gig Werks design skills and knowledge of the best web 2.0 technology in the market you can transform your site to an intuitive user experience that drives adoption throughout the enterprise and ensures you take full advantage of SharePoint’s built-in capabilities.

SharePoint as a platform is great for extranets, intranets and internet websites with the potential to manage content, enhance search, analyze data, improve collaboration and maximize the potential of our client’s investment. With Gig Werks build a secure, collaborative hub for all your information and content both inside and outside the organization.

SharePoint is your “one-stop-shop” for easily creating custom internet sites for your business. Using this solution and its full feature set of tools allows you to create what you want with a single infrastructure that is clean and simple to navigate.

Gig Werks e
xpertise around Internet Sites and SharePoint can help your organization get the most out of your investment. Please contact us with any questions or inquiries or see our services and offerings section for more information

Leverage your institutions investment
  • New price break on the server
  • Same admin skills to run and maintain
  • Same end-user skills needed to collaborate and publish copy

There are several benefits of using SharePoint for your Website including:

  • Easily Share and Publish Information: There is nothing easier than using SharePoint while creating sites with several out-of-the-box features and tools that provide instant value to those building the site. Novice or expert, anyone can quickly create, customize, and publish a site that looks great and meets a specific business need.

  • Personalize it: Create your site to your unique specifications. SharePoint comes equipped with features such as multilingual interface support, audience targeting, and user tagging which provide a highly customizable interface and web experience.

  • Fast Search: Have ever gone to a website looking for one specific thing? Instead of scrolling and scanning through webpages, you can simply search for only what you’re looking for. SharePoint comes equipped with “Fast Search” that allows anyone to “search” a topic on a webpage; this eliminates wasted time and frustration and capitalizes on faster results so that your company will be more efficient.

  • Commerce Solutions: Online shoppers are savvy; they shop around, read countless product reviews, and want the best price. By using Fast Search, you can deliver an interactive, search-driven experience that not only engage but inform online shoppers.

  • Marketing and Content: There’s nothing more dangerous than a stale site. SharePoint’s Authoring functions help brand managers keep content fresh. With tools that enable you to publish data in multiple languages, for users with disabilities, and for mobile capability, you are eliminating marketing boundaries.

  • Ensure Broad Adoption: SharePoint’s collaborative platform is focused on connected disparate departments together in one easy-to-use, collective portal. That being said, SharePoint allows people to access the most up-to-date sites, documents, and lists through SharePoint’s Workspace. With SharePoint there is no wait time, downtime, or miscommunication. There is one, commutative portal with the most relevant data, which maximizes your company’s overall effectiveness and efficiency.

SharePoint makes creating, maintaining, and using Web sites easier and more efficient. With highly customizable and compatible features employees with novice to expert skill sets will be able to maneuver through web site creation. SharePoint makes it possible for you company to make Internet Sites easily.

Learn more about SharePoint for Internet Sites and Gig Werks Expertise

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