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Gig Werks, a certified Ezescan partner, offers the expertise and experience to deliver the Ezescan solution to Easily Scan, Capture and Integrate Data into SharePoint.

EzeScan products enable clients to reduce the cost and time of deploying document processing solutions for unstructured, semi-structured and structured (forms based) documents from a variety of sources including scanning or email. EzeScan provides outstanding ‘Out of the box’ integrations with 18 of the market leading EDRM/ECM systems, several Medical systems and several Accounting/Finance systems.

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Features and Benefits of Ezescan

Batch Scan Your Documents With Ease

  • Simply create batches of one or more documents, scan in one go, and process them with ease.
  • Batch separator methods include black separator pages, barcodes, fixed page count, or forms recognition.
  • Leverage your existing investment in document scanners, using these devices to scan your documents.
  • Scanners supported range from small passport scanners, A4, A3, up to A0 paper sizes.
  • Works with any brand of scanners including Canon HP, Fujitsu, Kodak, Avision, Visioneer, Panasonic, Epson and others. View full list of certified scanners.
  • Utilize your existing scan enabled photocopiers to transfer your documents into EzeScan folders or mailboxes.
  • Works with photocopiers from Xerox, Ricoh, Lanier, Toshiba, Canon and others.
  • Scan/Import as many documents per day as you like to your network drive or Document Management system.
  • There are no volume scanning restrictions when using EzeScan, you can scan 200 or 200,000 documents a week, month or year, it makes no difference.

Capture Data From Your Documents & Speed Up Data Entry

  • To make scanned documents really useful, the documents need to be filed with relevant indexing information.
  • This will enable you to quickly search for and find those documents later on.
  • In a simple filing system, documents were stored in folders, and limited metadata was manually data entered like ‘Title or ‘Description’.
  • But today with the advent of Document Management Systems this has been expanded with the addition of Document Types (e.g. Invoice) and multiple indexes (Invoice number, date, supplier, total).
  • EzeScan can be easily configured to work with simple filing requirements, or more specific EDRMS requirements.
  • Indexing metadata can be manually data entered, or automatically captured from forms using EzeScan’s built-in recognition engines.
  • Recognition Engines include:
    • OCR (Type characters)
    • ICR (Handwriting)
    • OMR (Tick boxes)
    • BCR (Barcodes)
    • MICR (Magnetic ink characters)
    • MICR can be used to capture Magnetic ink character data off scanned cheques.
  • Smart OCR (Supplier Invoice Processing)
  • Utilizing recognition engines to read indexing data, will typically help reduce data entry to a mere fraction of those keystrokes required for manual data entry.

Save Time & Automate Document Scanning

  • Production scanning tends to consist of fairly repetitive tasks.
  • Those tasks include batch document preparation, scanning, QA, indexing, storing documents.
  • EzeScan can be used to create simple jobs to process these tasks.
  • Those jobs are presented in a ‘Job Button’ interface, which makes it easy to run jobs over and over again.
  • Optimal document quality is enhanced through the use of automated image enhancements like deskew, despeckle, crop, erase, delete blank pages, auto rotate.
  • Using these features, helps to reduce the need for excessive quality assurance, which therefore eliminates the need to rescan poor quality documents.
  • Use recognition engines (OCR, ICR, BCR, OMR, MICR) to build highly automated data capture workflows.
  • Apply strict data verification rules to all field data thereby ensuring good quality data is captured.
  • Utilize ODBC lookups to further validate metadata against legacy systems.
  • The ‘automation’ options ensure that documents are processed efficiently, with little or no human intervention.

Push Valuable Data Into Line Of Business Applications

  • EzeScan creates images & metadata for every document processed.
  • Images can be created in any of the following output file formats
    • TIF
    • PDF
    • PDF/A-1a (Image + Text Searchable)
    • PDF/A-1b (Image Only)
    • JPEG
    • PNG formats.
  • Metadata can be output in custom txt, csv or xml format so it can be sent to any legacy system.
  • Use your legacy systems import tool to pull the images + metadata into your legacy system.
  • Or use EzeScan’s built-in UPLOAD connector to push images + metadata into any of the supported backend systems.
  • UPLOAD currently supports the following system connectors:
    • Active Innovations InfoRouter 8.X
    • Act! by Sage
    • Alfresco ECM 3.4
    • Autonomy iManage WorkSite 8.X/9.X
    • DocuVantage OnDemand
    • DocuWare 5.XX/6.XX
    • HP TRIM Captura 4.3
    • HP TRIM Context 5.X/6.X/7.X
    • HP TRIM Records Manager
    • Infovision InfoXpert 8.X
    • Laserfiche 8.X/9.X
    • Meridio 5.X
    • Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010/2013/365
    • Objective ECM 6.3/7.X/8.X
    • ODMA/WebDAV compliant systems
    • OpenText Content Suite 9.7.X/10.X
    • OpenText eDOCS DM 5.X/6.X
    • TechnologyOne ECM 3.08/4.02
    • TechnologyOne Financials 11.08/11.09
    • Xerox DocuShare 2.2/3.X to 6.X
  • As vendors update their platform software releases, EzeScan updates these connectors.

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