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Drive Visibility & Control of Your Data, & Projects With ProjectReady Applications for SharePoint & Office 365

Gig Werks began the development of ProjectReady in 2014, leveraging approximately 12,000 hours of SharePoint Solutions Development for customers. Fourteen months and another 6,000 hours of work later, ProjectReady launched as a set of Modern SharePoint Applications and is delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. ProjectReady is built to uniquely extend and make usable Microsoft’s Office 365 SharePoint and extended platform for Project Management, Document Control & Email Management.

ProjectReady delivers a single, unified platform to collaborate and manage projects and matters life cycles and maintain control of documents.  The ProjectReady™ suite of applications is a solution that allows you to integrate all project data into functional, actionable, easy to use tools that enable users to effectively manage their projects and programs while retaining full control.

Project Management & Control with ProjectReady Apps

Project Accounting Integration

ProjectReady enables your organization to integrate directly with your project accounting and ERP systems allowing for comprehensive views of project tasks, what’s outstanding, and what’s assigned to whom

Task Management

With ProjectReady you can view tasks across thousands of concurrent projects, drill down into the tasks assigned and make edits as you go while they’re dynamically and automatically applied.

Management of Project Related Content

ProjectReady makes it easy to assemble, send and manage project document communications by providing an easy to use interface for searching, sorting and filtering through thousands of Project Documents.

Project Visibility

ProjectReady’s robust report center provides quick and easy access to critical project information, allowing users to check on the statuses, due dates, market sector, approver etc., on all of the documents in and out of the enterprise.

Project Management Features Include:

  • Clear visibility across all projects and tasks
  • Project sites are created in a consistent fashion, enabling easy navigation and allowing users to find any piece of information with ease
  • Simple, easy, automated real-time management of project tasks and resources.
  • Create collaborative spaces for your project on demand, driven by the business user
  • Easily set and maintain site security and permissions throughout the life cycle of the project
  • Automatically tag and describe every element of a project from tasks to documents, the automation of metadata enhances search
  • Designed to integrate data from across all the systems that drive your project

Document Control Features Include:

  • Control thousands of documents across thousands of projects
  • Establish enterprise communication standards that are consistent, reliable, repeatable and easily adopted
  • Assemble packages with a simple wizard and shopping cart experience
  • Manage and create RFI’s, Transmittals and Submittals from one intuitive and easy interface
  • Secure and governed sharing of information made simple and managed directly by authorized business users
  • Manage RFI’s right from Outlook
  • Rich and comprehensive reporting across all document packages – delivered to the desktop or on your mobile device
  • Track and know the status of key deliverables from one project or across thousands of projects with a few clicks of a mouse
  • Ensure automatic delivery and auditable receipt of project documents sent to clients and vendors via email and the web
  • Cover sheets for all document packages created automatically as part of any submittal, transmittal or RFI response

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