LiveTiles – Revolutionize the End-User Experience and User Interface of SharePoint and Office 365

Gig Werks, a certified LiveTiles partner, offers the expertise and experience to deliver the LiveTiles solution to Revolutionize the End-User Experience and User Interface of SharePoint and Office 365.

The idea of beautiful business solutions has always been somewhat of a paradox. How do you present complex information in a simple way? Or make it look good enough that people enjoy consuming it?

LiveTiles is a modern UI tool that enables rapid design of SharePoint & Microsoft Azure user interfaces using simple drag and drop with no code. It is a powerful design canvas that joins the dots for your users, quickly and intuitively connecting them to the pieces of information they need to be productive, contributing team members.

Once LiveTiles is installed into your environment, you can build fully-functioning sites or pages in just minutes and update elements like branding or layout in a few clicks.

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Engineered for simplicity

LiveTiles easy ‘drag and drop’ functionality excites users by offering a workplace technology experience that mirrors the convenience and touch-friendly UX they get from real-world interactions.

A full productivity toolkit

LiveTiles comes with dozens of pre-configured tiles, apps and icons. It readily connects to any Microsoft tool, and can seamlessly display content from your third party systems or other key data sources.

Boost productivity, cut costs

LiveTiles gives you a platform upon which to fuel their knowledge and ignite real-time collaboration, while reducing the need for bespoke development and safeguarding the value of your technology investment.

The benefits of a LiveTiles powered business solution are many, but here’s a snapshot of what you can achieve in a short amount of time.

Collaboration & global engagement

  • A home for real-time collaboration between geographically dispersed teams
  • A place to intuitively connect to documents, lists and rich media content
  • A central location to display information from multiple data sources
  • A home for continuous, consistent company messaging
  • Accurate and easy people and information search
  • Efficient, simple content publishing
  • Significant reduction in hours spent looking for information

Design, design, design

When you have LiveTiles, the days of funding pricey third party developers are over. No more being held hostage for thousands of dollars to simply change a logo or move a page element. Just a few short clicks and it’s done.

The best bit? You don’t need an IT degree to do it. Any user can become a LiveTiles ninja in under an hour, which means no more pressure on over-burdened IT teams, just contributors empowered to control the flow of information to your employees. With power in the hands of the right people you can really take design to the next level

Build a thriving online community

One of the most powerful benefits is the way an optimized LiveTiles site can build a positive culture and sense of connectedness among employees. This is especially important in the current landscape where more and more people are working remotely or on a flexible basis.

With the myriad LiveTiles tools in full flight you can transform disparate silos in a united, flourishing online community. By readily connecting to your people on a multitude of devices you also create an unbreakable link back to your organization, as well as offering the convenience of workplace productivity and communications tools on the go.

Make the ordinary extraordinary

LiveTiles is built for Microsoft Azure and SharePoint because we inherently believe it is the best of breed in business software. Traditionally, the challenge has been how to translate all the rich benefits and capabilities into a palatable UX.

LiveTiles takes the complex, multi-layered landscape of your ‘back end’ environment and transforms it into a scintillating, simple and modern UX – one which your users will be happy to engage with, because it gives them everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Make it your own

LiveTiles can be easily customized to include tiles, apps or features as required to meet the needs of your business. From giving your employees the option to prioritize their own apps, to integrating with external sites and systems, or simply adding a unique feature your employees will love – you can explore customization in LiveTiles internally or, if your requirements are a little more in depth, we can put you in touch with some approved LiveTiles partners in your area.