Nintex – Advanced Workflow and Forms

For institutions that require and desire to bring automation and it's ROI as part of its ongoing enterprise strategy, Nintex offers unparalleled value and possibilities. Using these tools you can deploy workflows that fit any need within your organization.

Nintex Process Management and Automation empowers users to automate their own processes in minutes with easy to use drag and drop features. Below is an overview of all Nintex has to offer.

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Nintex Quick Start
Nintex Installation, Configuration & Training Workshop

The Nintex Quick Start from Gig Werks is designed to help clients get the product up and running and gain a better understanding of what the product can do as they begin formal projects and planning. The Training and Workshop can be customizable and fine-tuned to deliver content and instruction in the context of the institutions key drivers for adoption of Nintex and SharePoint.

Learn More: Nintex Installation, Configuration and Training Workshop

Process Management

Map and maintain the processes that span your business, drive accountability, and improve efficiency with Nintex Promapp

Process Automation

Utilize advanced workflow, robotic process automation, document generation, e-signature, and digital forms to streamline and automate processes across teams and systems of record.

Process Optimization

Leverage Nintex Hawkeye™ process intelligence and third-party services to gain insight into the effectiveness of your processes.


Visually plan, map, and manage your business processes with tools process owners and participants love to use.


  • Define the processes that can make the most impact to your organization.


  • Design simple process maps in collaboration with others in your organization.


  • Share and get feedback from other team members to optimize processes.


Identify the processes best suited for or in need of automation and get started with clicks, not code.

Forms & Mobile

  • Eliminate paper forms and easily capture information virtually anywhere.

Workflow & RPA Bots

DocGen & eSign


Optimize your business processes leveraging the data created through your automated processes


  • Monitor your processes to quickly identify and address issues.


  • Use data visualization to pinpoint potential process improvements.


  • Easily update your process mapping and automation based on data-driven insights.
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