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With Gig Werks years of expertise delivering solutions to the business on the Microsoft Cloud, we understand that user experience and ease of use are some of the most important factors in driving a successfully adopted solution. With that in mind, Powell Software is a great partner with their assortment of products that enrich the user experience and adoption of Office 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint through modern interfaces and optimized governance.

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Powell 365

Powell 365 is an out of the box intranet solution that is designed to drive communication and collaboration between coworkers while boosting Office 365 usage.

This ready-made digital workplace is built on top of Office 365 and focuses mainly on employee engagement. Personalized portal pages push Office 365 tools in a more user-friendly way to help employees get their jobs done from anywhere, at any time, on any device and in any language.

Provide an engaging employee experience and streamline your intranet deployment process while taking advantage of everything Microsoft technologies have to offer.

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Learn how your Powell 365 intranet can now live in Microsoft Teams, making Teams your central hub for communications, collaboration and information

Powell Teams

Powell Teams is an add-on application that  accelerates Microsoft Teams adoption with intelligent features that will enrich user experience and optimize governance.

The integrated application that will help you do more with Microsoft Teams. Drive adoption with an engaging user dashboard that pushes Team recommendations and proposes team members. Create Teams with customizable templates that include predefined settings, channels, tabs and tags. Put in place a comprehensive governance plan via a powerful administration control panel with template management and preset governance rules to manage Teams lifecycle.

Companies become hands-on in controlling their Teams infrastructure and boost employee engagement in Microsoft Teams, thanks to Powell Teams. Plus, employees get a bunch of extended features like AI recommendations, a smart user dashboard, approval requests and one-click templatization. What’s not to love?

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Powell Teams Video: Defining Governance and Implementing Teams Templates

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Powell Hub

Powell Hub is the workspace for personal productivity which transforms daily operations and bring all applications into one single platform and help employees stay focused.

With this all-in-one application, your employees can safely access their business apps, corporate documents and company information in one click. All corporate, public and personal applications are organized and displayed in this personal productivity dashboard to help employees stay concentrated, save time and easily manage all their tasks from one place.

Simplify the daily routine, reduce redundant tools and organize the core of your workspace to drive employee productivity and track usage with corporate analytics.

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Powell Manager

Powell Manager is our back-end governance and implementation engine that helps design and manage digital workplace projects over time, in a fast and cost-effective way.

Powell Manager configures compelling digital workplaces based on Office 365 and SharePoint without any coding, in record time.​ Benefit from ready to use out of the box templates, design all aspects of your portal structure, integrate your potential custom development and even define your mobile app, all from one fully secured place.

Automate and industrialize site deployments, updates and governance to always have a digital workplace with the latest technology and offer the best experience to employees.

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