SharePoint Staging Development and Workshop – On Premises

Get Going with SharePoint

Time Frame: 3 days

The Gig Werks 3 Day Workshop is designed to help clients get started with SharePoint and gain a better understanding of what the product is and can do before they begin formal projects and planning. Workshops can be customizable and fine-tuned to deliver content and instruction in the context of the institutions key drivers for adoption of SharePoint.

A Standard 3 Day SharePoint Staging Development & Workshop consists of:

Day 1: Staging Environment and Best Practices

  • Day 1 will be the setup of a staging environment. Gig Werks will walk through the installation and configuration process of SharePoint on a new server as well as review best practices with your IT team. This server can later be used to test customizations before deploying them to production. It also serves as a testing environment for IT.

Day 2: SharePoint Features and Functionality

  • Day 2 will focus on the Administrative Ins and Outs as well as the features and functionality of the product. For those clients moving to a new iteration of SharePoint, this time is typically used to understand the capabilities and what is new in the product. Topics typically covered include:
    • Sites/Collaboration
    • Web Parts
    • Office Web Apps
    • Search
    • Social Networking in SharePoint
    • Content Management
    • Business Intelligence
    • Line of Business Integration
    • Security and Governance
    • Feature Comparison of Versions

Day 3: Hands-On Workshop

  • Day 3 is a hands-on workshop which focuses on the business objective of the organization. Clients have used this day to focus on different initiatives including Business Intelligence, Records Management, Branding and Line of Business Integration but can be customized depending on the organization’s needs.


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