Webcast: Driving SharePoint Adoption and Success with SharePoint Analytics

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Driving SharePoint Adoption and Success with SharePoint Analytics
Presentation Recorded: 03-13-2018

Join award winning SharePoint and Office 365 Solution Provider Gig Werks to learn how you can drive the adoption and success of SharePoint & Office 365 with actionable analytics from SharePoint Vitals.

With upwards of 190 million users, SharePoint continues to be among the world’s most popular collaborative platforms with enterprises across the globe using it for their intranet and business solutions. But how do you easily ensure its success in the enterprise and that it is meeting the needs of all departments? With Actionable Analytics!

During the webcast see a live demonstration of SharePoint Vitals and how it makes it easy to monitor and optimize SharePoint, to ensure a steady return on your investment. Using web analytics and summary reports, you can quickly identify your top users, sites, content along with numerous other data collected with the use of SharePoint. Easily identify problem areas, such as slow-loading pages and users who frequently experience slow page load times.

See How Actionable Analytics for SharePoint and Office 365 delivers:

  • Improved governance, user adoption, security and compliance
  • Current and historic SharePoint site usage stats
  • With one click, access to reports tailored to suit your requirements including User History, Active Users, Visited Sites, Page Hits, Page Load Times, Heat Map, Site Map and Top 10 Dashboard
  • Geographical SharePoint usage map to see where your environment is being accessed
  • Analytics for all versions of SharePoint whether online or on-premise
  • Singe view of users (or groups) including external users
  • Know what devices and browsers are being used across SharePoint & Office 365
  • Easy view into the most active content and most searched terms across environments
  • E-mails containing comparison SharePoint usage reports so you can monitor changes and overall user adoption stats
  • And Much More…

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