Webcast Video: Contract Lifecycle Management with SharePoint, Office 365 & Nintex

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Contract Lifecycle Management with SharePoint, Office 365 & Nintex
Webcast Recording Date: Thursday, 10-19-2017

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Webcast Description:

Join award winning SharePoint Business Solution Providers Gig Werks & Nintex for a webcast showcasing how to deliver Contract Lifecycle Management in SharePoint & Office 365. We will showcase how Contract Lifecycle Management in SharePoint, offers unprecedented value and scalability across the enterprise. Bring together data and information across your company to create a seamless user experience connecting systems such as DocuSign, Salesforce, Microsoft CRM and a myriad of other cloud and on-premise information systems to easily assemble contracts and documents and control the delivery and tracking of that content.

During this Webcast See How Contract Lifecycle Management in SharePoint and Office 365 delivers:

  • Automated Contract and Document Generation and Assembly
  • Governed, secure cradle to grave management and reporting of all contract Lifecycle stages
  • Connect users, business units and your existing systems in a seamless collaborative solution
  • Avoid the “one size fits all” trap & drive agile development with Nintex for rapid delivery of a solution designed for your enterprise needs
  • Eliminate rekeying of data from one system to another: driving efficiency & accuracy
  • Increased Value & ROI of existing technology investments that scale across the enterprise
  • Controlled Delivery, Tracking & Reporting of your contracts and documents
  • Ability to extend value to other parts of the enterprise