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With Microsoft 365, the sum of the parts is greater than whole.  But with all the powerful tools of M365 – SharePoint, Teams, Power Automate, Azure, Power BI, Compliance and Security; and an ever-growing array offerings – when to use which tool within your enterprise is a lot to get a handle on.

Ultimately the real value you get out of your investment is when you bring together the expansive M365 platform into a single solution and user experience for the business.

The challenge is having the breadth & depth of knowledge to drive the full potential that M365 offers. That’s why there’s Gig Werks – award winning experts with deep M365 experience that can make the difference in maximizing the benefits & ROI of your investment.

Our Team of M365 Experts Will Help You:

Bring together the full M365 stack to deliver powerful, intuitive, business solutions

Design a Solution built for the way YOUR TEAM works to ensure solution success & adoption

Manage to Budget & Ensure MVP is achieved using Agile Methodologies

Deliver Process Automation & Workflow to drive efficiency & ROI across the organization

Brand, stylize & connect your SharePoint intranet for a modern, intuitive user experience

Source & build powerful, immersive reports & dashboards in Power BI

Driving security & governance across M365

Maximize the ROI of your M365 investment

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Deliver the full potential of all the tools available in M365:

Let Us Help you Realize the Full Value of SharePoint

Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.

Connect to the Full M365 Stack to drive powerful solutions for your business

Build M365 solutions into your SharePoint Intranet or use content from your SharePoint lists and libraries to drive your workflows and Power BI reports

Simple sharing and seamless collaboration

SharePoint empowers teamwork with dynamic and productive team sites for every project team, department, and division. Share files, data, news, and resources.

Engage and inform your organization

Build cohesion and inform your employees throughout your intranet. Drive organizational efficiency by sharing common resources and applications on home sites and portals.

Harness collective knowledge

Powerful search and intelligent ways to discover information, expertise, and insights to inform decisions and guide action.

Transform business processes
Accelerate productivity by transforming processes—from simple tasks like notifications and approvals to complex operational workflows.

Additional SharePoint Value

  • With every project a site, have full context & a central place to interact with project data in context.
  • Inherent metadata helps you search & feeds Compliance
  • Document sharing is more controlled
  • Maintain & update sites with Modern Provisioning
  • Reduce Infrastructure
  • Get rid of on prem data centers
    Hardware, Back up, Admin)
  • Flexible & predictable costs
  • Access from anywhere

Let Us Help you Setup & Maximize the Full Value of Microsoft Teams

Stay connected and access shared content any time to learn, plan, and innovate—together.

Connect to the Full M365 Stack to drive powerful solutions for your business

Have critical business information available to you inside Teams by embedding your Power BI Reports & Chat bots to find information in real time!

Meet from anywhere

Easily schedule online meetings with high quality audio and video. People inside and outside of your company can join from anywhere.

Keep everything in one place

Chats and files shared before, during, and after meetings are always available, so people can refer to them at any time.

Get things done together

With free cloud storage included, shared files are always available across your devices, so it’s easy to work together in real time or on your own time.

Work with confidence

Collaborate without worry knowing your sensitive information is protected with data encryption at rest and in transit.

Additional Value from Teams

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improve collaboration across the organization
  • Enable innovation
  • Reduce the total number of meetings & their duration
  • Information workers save four hours per week from improved collaboration & information sharing
  • Information workers save more than one hour per week by not having to switch between applications
  • Having resources available online in Teams reduces downtime by 14.6 percent

Maximize the Use of the
Microsoft Power Platform

(Power Automate, Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents)

Connect to the Full M365 Stack to drive powerful solutions for your business

Use Power Automate to automate processes & connect information wherever it resides whether in M365 (SharePoint, Teams, Power BI) or external systems. Present that information in Power BI, SharePoint, or Teams with a Power Virtual Agent.

Power Apps

Build professional-grade apps the easy way
Increase agility across your organization by rapidly building low-code apps that modernize processes and solve tough challenges.

Power Automate

Streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes with Microsoft Power Automate—so you can focus your attention where it’s needed most.

Power Virtual Agents

Quickly create sophisticated, AI-powered chatbots that can resolve common issues and answer questions around the clock.

Additional Value from the Power Platform

  • Analyze data, build solutions, automate processes, & create virtual agents
  • Ability for digital information to be accessible to the typical non-technical end-user
  • The Power Platform is possible thanks to the Common Data Service (or CDS), which provides a unified & simplified data schema so that applications & services can inter-operate

Let Us Help you Realize the Full Value of Power BI

Deliver your reports where your users work every day.

Embed your reports within SharePoint or Teams or use chat bots (Power Virtual Agents) to dig through your reporting data and deliver critical information in real-time.

Get self-service analytics at enterprise scale

Reduce the added cost, complexity, and security risks of multiple solutions with an analytics platform that scales from individuals to the organization as a whole.

Use smart tools for strong results

Find and share meaningful insights with hundreds of data visualizations, built-in AI capabilities, tight Excel integration, and prebuilt and custom data connectors.

Help protect your analytics data

Keep your data secure with industry-leading data security capabilities including sensitivity labeling, end-to-end encryption, and real-time access monitoring.

Additional Value with Power BI

  • Easy to use, deploy & administer
  • Extensive set of 70+ data connectors
  • Strong data governance
  • Improving enterprise features that appeal to IT
  • Multiple governance features
  • M365 audit logs
  • Multi-factor authentication & conditional access via Azure AD
  • Secure mobile deployments via Intune MAM integration
  • Seamless integration to the M365 Stack
  • Ability to Print Reports
  • Affordable pricing

Why Power BI Beats Tableau

Seamless M365 integration:

Power BI embeds where your people work (SharePoint & Microsoft Teams) & integrates with Microsoft’s Chatbot, AI & Workflow – and hundreds of other apps – providing a more connected user experience

Printing of Reports

Tableau lacks the capabilities needed to deliver complex, print-quality, control break reports with data snapshots, Power BI has a variety of export and printing capabilities.

Better Price:

Power BI is significantly less expensive than Tableau with all the features you need for your reports and dashboards.


Why Gig Werks

20+ years of award-winning expertise and experience building enterprise solutions with Microsoft and the Microsoft Cloud. Power BI is a great value (& you probably already own it), but to maximize its potential you need to know how & what data to source & the expertise to create intuitive, modern dashboards that are easy to understand & ready to scale. You have enough on your plate and own the tools you need with Microsoft 365 – let Gig Werks ensure you get it done right!

Get Started with a Complimentary
Power BI Strategy Session

Join the award-winning experts at Gig Werks for a FREE strategy session & leave with a gameplan on how to source, secure & report on your data with Power BI,  understand your licensing needs and maximize the potential & ROI of your Power BI solution. Contact Us to see if you qualify!

Realize the Full Value of Active Directory & External Sharing

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Securely authenticate external vendors
  • External members collaborate for free in SharePoint & Teams
  • Security & access controls
  • Secure authentication
  • Conditional access – enable a zero-trust approach & smart protection policies
  • Identity protection – safeguard identities with machine learning algorithms that detect anomalies & suspicious incidents.
  • Multi-factor authentication

Let Us Help you Ensure Compliance

E5 license – M365 Intelligent compliance & risk management solutions help your organization assess compliance risks, govern & protect sensitive data, & respond to regulatory requirements.


  • Protect & govern your sensitive data wherever it lives – across apps, endpoints, & clouds.
  • Identify & take action on critical insider risks & code-of-conduct policy violations.
  • Quickly investigate & respond to legal requirements with relevant data.
  • Address regulations & assess compliance with a risk-based score.

Let Us Help you Maximize the Power of M365 Search

  • Display content from many sources such as columns, libraries, & pages.
  • A site owner can decide whether to include content in search results.
  • Permissions on content also affects whether it appears in search results.
  • Prevent sensitive data from appearing in search results.