A Safe Return to the Workplace

Return to the workplace with confidence –

Monitor intelligently and protect continuously with solutions for a safer work environment


Covid Return to Work Form


Return to Work Solution Planning


Implement Quickly and Accurately

Customize & Implement the Gig Werks Covid Form to ensure all your employees are symptom free & safe to return to the office.

Getting back to work represents different challenges for different organizations. Making comprehensive solution planning essential to a successful return to work strategy.

Implementing your strategy & solutions needs to be done quickly & accurately in order to keep your workplace safe & your business running efficiently. Rely on the experts at Gig Werks to get you there!


COVID-19 Return to Work Form

Ensure potentially contagious employees are unable to access the workplace

Have employees check-in each day with no symptoms & no trace of COVID-19

Have record of each employees submission into the system

Use what you already own and implement quickly (Microsoft 365, Power Apps, Power Automate)

Customize the form to the information you need to keep your workplace safe