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Microsoft 365 Playbook - Award Winning Expertise from Gig Werks

The Microsoft 365 Playbook

With all the powerful tools available with Microsoft 365 – SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Viva, AI, Power Automate, Azure & Power BI – understanding when & how to use these tools & what licensing you need is a lot to get a handle on.

Let the Award-Winning Expertise of Gig Werks deliver you a personalized M365 Playbook on how to satisfy your use case & determine the appropriate licensing so you avoid spending more than you should while maximizing the value of your M365 investment.

Microsoft 365 Stack

Offer Details Include:


We’ll meet with 5 departments to understand their needs & how to solve them with Microsoft 365


We’ll determine what you require to satisfy your use cases, so you buy only what you need


Get a custom playbook of your forward vision of M365 – knowing the cost & effort to achieve it


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