Business Solution Planning

Gig Werks Business Solution Planning

Plan your Microsoft 365 initiatives with Gig Werks and get a jumpstart on your Business Solutions. With Gig Werks Business Solution Planning you get an in depth understanding of your business use case, process details, specifications, costs and technical requirements you need to accurately plan your budgets and successfully achieve the goals of the organization.

Planning doesn’t have to mean endless meetings and months of process. Gig Werks planning engagements are designed to have minimal impact on your company and subject matter expert’s time, with engagements typically ranging from a few days to 1 – 3 weeks.

Business Solution Planning with Gig Werks Offers:

  • Detailed documentation & understanding of Projects & Initiatives
  • Use Cases & Process Specifications
  • Cost Estimates
  • Technical Requirements
  • Functional Specifications
  • Security & Governance Reviews
  • Comps & Wireframes


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