Microsoft 365 Assessment and Strategy Session

Get your 2-Hour Microsoft 365 Assessment and Strategy Session from our experts on how to Solve your Businesses Needs with M365

Getting the most out of the software you own is essential in today’s hybrid/remote workplace as technology plays a vital role in driving efficiency through automation, collaboration & reporting.. With all the powerful tools available with Microsoft 365, understanding when & how to use these tools & the licensing you need is a lot to get a handle on. Join the award-winning experts at Gig Werks for a FREE 2-hour strategy session on how to get the most out of Microsoft 365.

We’ll meet with your team to understand how your team works, what your team is looking to achieve & where you would benefit and drive the greatest ROI from the tools available in Microsoft 365.

Leave the strategy session understanding:

What’s possible with Full Microsoft 365 Toolset

SharePoint, Power Automate, Power Apps. Power BI, Microsoft Teams & More!

How to source the data you need securely

Best ways to maximize the value of M365 by bringing its tools together

Your Licensing Needs