Preparing Your Move to the Microsoft Cloud

Get a Full Network Infrastructure Report & Cloud Roadmap Strategy

Are you ready to go to the Microsoft Cloud?

Having a full understanding of everything that’s currently on your network, what needs to be migrated and where to move that content within the Microsoft Cloud (SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams & Azure Blob Storage) are major challenges enterprises face when moving to the cloud. To avoid costly mistakes, confusion & re-work during your migration, Gig Werks has put together a packaged offering to ensure you have all the information you need for a successful migration.

Network Infrastructure Scan & Report

Have Gig Werks run a full inventory scan of your Network and deliver a detailed report of everything on your Network Infrastructure. This includes:

FTP Servers

Mail Servers

Windows Machines

Web Servers

SharePoint Servers

SQL Servers

File Shares (SMB/CIFS)

Cloud Roadmap Strategy Session

Once we have your scan and report available, meet with the Gig Werks Microsoft Cloud experts to review findings, discuss best practices and provide a roadmap for the best path forward in your migration to the Microsoft Cloud and how to best utilize all the tools available including SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams & Azure Blob Storage.