Turnkey Microsoft 365 Chat Bot Solution

Get your turnkey Microsoft 365 Chat Bot to Modernize Your Workplace & Do More with Less.

Meet the demands of the modern workplace with a turnkey Microsoft 365 Chat Bot solution that can deliver critical data from across your enterprise instantly: driving efficiency & a rapid, measurable return on your investment. Use Chat Bots to help digitally transform your business and attract the next wave of young talent to your organization.

But where do you start?

Working with the experts at Gig Werks, we’ll help you determine and author your Chat Bot solution and then build it leveraging what you already own in Microsoft 365. The possibilities are endless for how you can use your Chat Bot with everything from real-time access to critical data to automating a process, or even generating content. We’re here to ensure its done right, scalable and maximizes the ROI of your investment. Let’s get started.

Offering Details Include:

One Chat Bot Topic

One Data Source Connection

Includes Planning, Execution, Delivery & Supporting Documentation for the Solution