SharePoint Expertise

Gig Werks delivers targeted and focused business solutions for departments and industries, built on Microsoft SharePoint, both in the Cloud with Office 365 or on-premises. A Microsoft Gold Partner since the firm’s beginning in 2001, our tradition of excellence has resulted in Gig Werks winning numerous awards – including five prestigious Microsoft Partner excellence awards.

The incredible power that SharePoint and its associated applications represents is realized when experts with deep knowledge of the entire product, develop a comprehensive customer solution.  In order to deliver the best services to our clients the development and cultivation of that expertise is central to Gig Werks corporate culture. Our employees are fully certified and maintain Microsoft Certifications in a variety of skillsets (SharePoint, Infrastructure and Cloud Technologies) and in recognition of leadership with our community, our team members enjoy additional exclusive training from Microsoft at their headquarters in Redmond ensuring we remain industry leaders and are involved in the use of Microsoft’s newest and cutting edge innovations.

Our SharePoint Credentials Include:

  • Microsoft Gold Partner since the firm’s beginning in 2001
  • Virtual Technology Specialists for the Microsoft New York Enterprise Group
  • 5 Time Microsoft SharePoint Technical Excellence Partner Award Winner
  • Approved Vendor of Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs Group (LCA)
  • Invited into the Partner Evidence Program for SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016

About Us

SharePoint Expertise Includes

Document and Content Management

Gig Werks has deep experience in SharePoint and SharePoint Online Document Management solutions. With the out-of-the-box features of SharePoint, Document Management is easy for all. Combining traditional document management, social capabilities, and powerful search, it is as natural to manage as it is to use. With its simple administration, you can quickly set up compliance policies, while its familiar interface lets your people work just as they would in Microsoft Office.

With it’s depth of Document Management expertise, Gig Werks gets the most out of the SharePoint features available, both on-premises and in the cloud, and is able to recognize where advanced features are necessary. With this understanding, Gig Werks has identified the best solutions partners in the industry to fill those feature gaps. These partnerships and advanced feature expertise, provides Gig Werks the unique perspective on how to deliver end-to-end ECM solutions that are secure, increase productivity and solve business needs.


SharePoint lets people collaborate in ways that are most effective for them by providing tools that anyone can use to share ideas, find people and expertise, and locate business information. Even more, SharePoint lets you manage these tools from a single, powerful platform. This allows your people to be more creative and productive—and you can rest easy knowing that they’re working in a secure, well-managed environment.

Gig Werks Collaboration expertise allows us to deliver solutions that connect your workforce for easy collaboration and knowledge transfer leading to increased productivity, accelerated communication and better decision making.


Gig Werks SharePoint Search expertise extends to all aspects of Search functionality available in the product. This includes a deep understanding of taxonomy, metadata and information architecture which is a precursor to a successful Search implementation and a quality user experience. This expertise and Gig Werks unique understanding of business objectives allow us to provide Search solutions which help you quickly and easily find the information you need and take full advantage of your SharePoint investment.

Business Intelligence

Gig Werks is an industry leader when it comes to Business Intelligence (BI), in both on-premises and cloud based solutions. Our expertise includes the full Microsoft stack of reporting solutions including Microsoft Power BI. Packaging that with our award-winning expertise in SharePoint and SQL allows Gig Werks to provide advanced reporting, scorecard and dashboard solutions that are easy to use, improve decision making and allow an organization to get the most out of their data with the ability to integrate with almost any line of business system.

Gig Werks expertise around business intelligence and SharePoint can help your organization get the most out of your investment.

Workflow and Forms

When it comes to Workflow and Form Business Solutions, Gig Werks has an in depth understanding and expertise that includes all out of the box features and advanced capabilities of SharePoint, whether in the cloud or on-premises. With Gig Werks, clients can use forms and workflow to streamline and automate a wide variety of business processes and unlock the value of all company data with line of business integration.

Gig Werks experience in Forms and Workflow includes the support of mobility and anywhere, anytime access. Through the independent software solutions we represent Gig Werks has expertise in delivering workflow solutions that can be easily used and interacted with from any mobile device which helps boost efficiency, ease of use and user adoption. 

Line of Business Integration

The ability to pull data from multiple line of business systems into SharePoint allows organizations to take full advantage of the multitude of features available that can integrate, manipulate, and present this data. Gig Werks has deep experience and expertise integrating different business systems into SharePoint including CRM, Deltek, Microsoft AX, Oracle, iManage, QuickBooks and any system that uses a SQL database. With Gig Werks expertise across all aspects of SharePoint, customers are able to use this data for business intelligence reporting, search, workflow and content management while working in one system and maximizing return on investment.


Whether building an intranet, extranet or internet site, Gig Werks design skills and knowledge of the best technology in market can transform your site to an intuitive user experience that drives adoption throughout the enterprise and ensures you take full advantage of SharePoint’s capabilities.

SharePoint as a platform is great for intranets, extranets and internet websites with the potential to manage content, enhance search, analyze data, improve collaboration and maximize the potential of our client’s investment. With Gig Werks build a secure, collaborative hub for all your information and content both inside and outside the organization.

About Us

SharePoint Services Includes

SharePoint Development

How long can you wait? Do you have any people with the time to get SharePoint set up so you can get the full value of this incredible information management platform? If not, get your jumpstart to value by taking advantage of the experience the Gig Werks team has had developing high-performing SharePoint solutions for hundreds of different kinds of companies. We learn about your business from your people and apply our deep knowledge of what SharePoint can do to deliver value quickly. Speed your return on your investment from SharePoint with the help of the experts from Gig Werks.

SharePoint Deployment

Any solid construction starts with a rock-solid foundation. Let the Gig Werks experts install and deploy SharePoint for you correctly the first time so you can enjoy all of the benefits as soon as possible and for as long as possible with minimal support headaches. You know how they say “there’s never time to do it right, but always times to do it over?” Well, we don’t believe that.

Premium Advisory Services

With the growing use and capabilities of SharePoint, maintaining the proper skills and maximizing the potential of the product can be quite a challenge. With the Gig Werks Premium Advisory Services Plan, Gig Werks becomes part of your team giving you access to dedicated SharePoint experts who will be on call to support your staff with SharePoint development, maintenance and the numerous systems that SharePoint interacts with regularly.

Premium Advisory Services also provides constant training and staff development to ensure your team is capable of managing successful SharePoint initiatives within the organization.

SharePoint Planning

Plan your SharePoint initiatives with Gig Werks and get an in-depth review of your projects which will provide you a detailed understanding of your business use case, process details, specifications, costs and technical requirements you need to accurately plan your budgets and successfully achieve the goals of the organization.

Evaluation, Implementation & Development of 3rd Party Applications & Software

There are number of high value third party applications that play a critical role in the enterprise. However, how products integrate, the ISV’s individual roadmap and support for new SharePoint releases need to be understood to achieve maximum value and ensure business continuity.

Gig Werks brings the unique expertise of not only SharePoint but some of the best 3rd Party Applications and Software in the industry. With Gig Werks. leverage this proficiency for any questions, planning and initiatives pertaining to the applications we represent including Nintex, DocuSign, Hyperfish, RecordPoint & Others.

Ongoing Solution Support

With Ongoing Solution Support your team will gain the guidance and support from the experts who helped build your solution and already know your environment. This ensures your team gets the best support for their specific solution needs and objectives as opposed to standard support agreements which lack the understanding and perspective of the solution.

Records Retention Review & Compliance

With compliance and the looming specter of potential litigation, making sure you keep records and sites only as long as you need is a key component to protecting your business. Have the Enterprise Content and Records Management Experts at Gig Werks review your Records Retention policies and show you where you may be exposing yourself and discuss best practices to mitigate risk and properly declare and maintain records.

Information Architecture (IA)

What goes where?  That’s the question you want to answer with Information Architecture planning.  The process helps you plan from the start a design and site hierarchy that’s easy for users to follow.  With a well-planned Information Architecture, users can easily navigate across and within team sites, document libraries and lists to find the information they need.  Gig Werks’ IA planning services make sure to build in flexibility to handle future needs.


Gig Werks can work with your company to build a set of related keywords (called managed metadata) organized into a hierarchy of information, such as a well-defined product category or materials list, that you can then use to apply as metadata to documents. The taxonomy helps improve the consistency, reliability, and discoverability of information within a SharePoint site collection.


Keeping your information secure, while being able to share it with those who need access, is one of today’s biggest challenges for most organizations.  Whether the requirements come from your own organization, government agencies or industry standards, we can help you deploy the tools to:

  • Set permissions
  • Maintain audit trails
  • Apply policies for retention and disposal of documents
  • Create workflows for alerts and reviews

Web Development, Internet Application Development

Unleashing the real power of SharePoint requires extensive knowledge of Microsoft’s .NET programming and related software technologies designed to produce useful customized business applications. The Gig Werks team offers extensive experience and expertise in expanding and enhancing the functionality of SharePoint. Not only do we make it work, we also make it work better and in new ways when you start using SharePoint to collaborate, manage, and share your valuable business information. Many clients also turn to Gig Werks for development of websites and web-based applications that do not require SharePoint.

Workflow Development

Making sure it gets done, and gets done quickly. These are the two primary objectives of anyone who manages any process. Of course the more automation you use to help you manage that process the more certain you can be of on-time completion, and SharePoint provides the most powerful yet flexible process automation tools available. In the hands of the experts from Gig Werks your company can enjoy the same return and other benefits that other Gig Werks clients have depended upon for years.

Enterprise Content Management Architecture (ECMA)

Plan the services your users need to manage their documents.  From tracking version histories to co-authoring documents simultaneously, people will become more productive delivering information to clients faster and more accurately. Gig Werks’ ECMA services can help you match the right tools to your users’ needs.

Reporting and Analysis Services

The Executive Dream: Having the ability to get answers quickly in a way that’s easy to read and doesn’t take forever to access. Clear, pertinent reports and on-screen inquiry “dashboards” that present all the key performance indicators in context to truly support effective decision making. With the power of SharePoint’s Business Data Connector and other technologies Gig Werks provides your executives, managers, and others with the ready access they need to readily understandable reports and crystal-clear dashboard-style displays that keep everything in context. Your executives will see their dream come true.

Business Analysis

Collaboration is all about Business Processes. Regular review and improvement of these processes are critical for user adoption and better organizational efficiency. Working with our experts to analyze business processes helps ensure maximum value and user satisfaction.

SharePoint Workshop

The Gig Werks 3 Day Workshop is designed to help clients get started with SharePoint and gain a better understanding of what the product is and can do before they begin formal projects and planning. Workshops can be customizable and fine tuned to deliver content and instruction in the context of the institutions key drivers for adoption of SharePoint.

SharePoint Upgrade and Migration

Migrate to a new version of SharePoint easily with the expertise of Gig Werks. Having worked with SharePoint since 2003, we have upgraded and migrated numerous institutions through all iterations of the product. Whether out-of-the-box or with advanced solutions from 3rd party applications such as Metalogix & Sharegate, Gig Werks can get your organization migrated and ensure the foundation of your SharePoint environment.