Join Gig Werks CEO Joe Giegerich and Enterprise Solution Architects Christian Holslin & Omar Stewart in a continuation of our podcast series The Inevitable is Now. During this podcast the team discusses Driving Adoption through the Modern User Experience Delivered by the Microsoft Cloud.

The Gig Werks Enterprise Tech Podcast · Driving Adoption Through the Modern User Experience Delivered by the Microsoft Cloud

In the previous podcast “The Inevitable is Now; adjusting to the new normal with Microsoft Cloud” Giegerich and team discuss the various technologies that are available in the cloud and how to get the most out of your investment and standardize your internal processes and procedures. A common question throughout your cloud exploration is – what are some practical applications and real-life use cases in relation to the Microsoft cloud?

The Microsoft Cloud offers several tools to drive user experience and adoption. Enterprise solutions drive consistent user experience whether it’s on a personal desktop or mobile experience. We work with a number of industries – such as banks with financially regulated documents, law firms that want to do company-wide reporting and professional services that have a real need for a modern Intranet that is accessible to all stand members and provides a consistent look and feel.

One of the most common requests we hear regardless of industry is reporting – how do you surface information quickly? How can we report again all this data? How can I search against it?

When utilizing the Microsoft Cloud, typically clients have a ton of data just sitting there. What is important is providing an intuitive user experience to surface that information quickly, easily and coherently. Unification and standards across the technology stake make it possible as well as available tools such as, PowerBI, Teams, PowerApps, Flow, Search, Graph, etc. which allow clients to standardize their information and access it quickly.

During this podcast, Omar Stewart speaks about a modern application and user experience for law firms that allows end users to quickly pinpoint the right lawyer and skillset efficiently.  Historically, environments include information that is not necessarily standardized. The client had a myriad of skill sets and specializations which made it hard for people to find the right lawyer for their specific needs. All this information was already built into a directory. Using the Microsoft Cloud, our team put together a simple modernized search page to serve as the company directory. So now, when searching for a specific kind of lawyer, one can now just go to the modern search page and search for a specific skillset to meet their needs. For example, if you are searching for a lawyer that specializes in class action lawsuits in Georgia, you’ll be able to easily filter and find a handful of lawyers you can contact. They are rendered through adaptive card and a link allows you to contact the lawyer of your choice on teams. Finding the lawyer is now quick and easy.

Another example for this modern, connected search solution with the Microsoft cloud applies to the AEC/O industry. Easily search for engineers or architects that have specific certifications or are specialized in a certain area of focus. This search experience leads to great effectiveness powered by chatbots and by using these bots in Microsoft Teams end users can find content via a mobile experience. This simplifies the day to day activities making find what or who you are looking for. What used to take hours, combing through documents to find a specific tag, can now take seconds wherever you are, all thanks to the rich platform the Microsoft Cloud gives you.

One other examples Christian Holslin mentions focuses on facilities management. The client had an end to end facilities management pipeline, in which you come in and you can report a problem escalating the issue with PowerApps and Flow to the appropriate staff member to resolve. The staff member is going to track any vendor they hire to do repairs – so they need access to an approved vendors list, you have contracts for those vendors with insurance certificates, and you have costs for their maintenance fee. All in all, you have a ton of data being collected, how you surface this information and provide an intuitive search capability is the challenge. Where Gig Werks comes in with Microsoft 365 is the ability to accelerate user experience with chat bots and convenient search methods to make that information easily accessible and user friendly. When vendors come onsite you must validate that someone has an active contract, an active Insurance certificate, etc. Rather than searching for the appropriate library and content, using modern applications like chatbots allows you to find the appropriate information quickly. With the use of chatbots in the Microsoft Cloud, you’re typing a query, essentially like having a conversation with a bot that’s collecting all the information through the portal. While it’s collecting this information, you can simply ask the bot “Hey where is Vendor A’s insurance certificate” and it will point you to its location.

M365 gives the end user full control of its content, which is both unique and powerful. While maintaining full control over the search, the end users’ needs are better met.  And, these chatbots are easily trainable to be taught how to recognize everything people need to look for so that it’s not just a big mess of scattered content. The tooling and the access to being able to train it and configure it is really the core driver behind why you can get so successful with the modern cloud implementation. Simply put, there is a better way to work and it’s important that organizations provide the user experience and tools to do it the right & most effective way.

Learn more during the “Driving Adoption Through the Modern User Experience Delivered by the Microsoft Cloud” podcast and learn how & why the Microsoft Cloud delivers the tools and user experience you need to make your employees most effective.

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Podcast: Driving Adoption Through the Modern User Experience Delivered by the Microsoft Cloud

The Gig Werks Enterprise Tech Podcast · Driving Adoption Through the Modern User Experience Delivered by the Microsoft Cloud The Gig Werks Enterprise Tech Podcast · The Inevitable Is NOW – Adjusting To The New Normal In The Enterprise with the Microsoft Cloud

Podcast: The Inevitable Is NOW – Adjusting To The New Normal In The Enterprise with the Microsoft Cloud