IT is very often the unsung hero. Having worked in the field for over 20 years, I have seen IT been blamed for things that were and weren’t their fault and noticed how often they don’t get credit when things work well.

Since the Great Collapse of 2011, IT staffing levels took a severe hit and the number of IT professionals remains lower than needed. Very often, IT just has enough resources to focus on keeping the lights on. This keeps them from developing the deeper solutions that benefit the enterprise the most. It also doesn’t help that historically, IT rarely has training opportunities or management who encourages them to learn anything new. They’re up against the notion that a one-off solution is possible, and very often that’s simply not the case.

End-users rarely understand this, so when IT fumbles, they grow frustrated, and that frustration has caused many departments to cut IT out of the process. Instead, they will take whatever budget they can get and procure their own solution through a third party, generating numerous data silos over time. So how can IT avoid this? How can IT become the well-recognized, sung hero that departments throughout an organization look forward to working with?

Restoring the Value of IT with Platform Solutions & Agile Development

IT has spent years procuring, building, and maintaining systems on behalf of the enterprise, but what you do with those systems and how you bring them together as a solution is something that can really offer a demonstrable benefit as a consultancy to IT departments.

With Agile now being used to deliver platform solutions such as Nintex, the faith in IT is being restored. Organization can now deliver solutions that leverage existing platforms and investments while showing progress throughout the build and gaining user feedback all throughout the process. With this approach, IT becomes the hero by demonstrating that they have the right tools in place and can extend their value to fulfill the needs of the business.

Making IT the place for Project Success

To make IT the hero and really deliver value is to realize that there’s no customer or vendor: there’s a project and there’s a team. The specific project is the guiding principle. With that kind of mindset, IT can really focus on the success of the project at hand, and with enough of those demonstrations of a strategically, successfully carried out project, IT rightfully becomes a hero.

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