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How Agile Development Empowers IT Departments

Is your company’s IT team the “unsung hero” of the business? If you are in IT, you’re probably nodding along. But if you’re not on the IT team, you’re probably reading this right now and thinking that we’re crazy. IT plays a bigger part in your company’s success and, if you keep reading, this article will explain how platform solutions and agile development can empower your IT team to do more.

The Problem With IT

Your IT team is in a tough position. Either they are getting blamed for mishaps and issues they have no control over or they are forgotten about when things go well. There’s really no winning. Unfortunately, because IT specialists are essential to the modern business, there is more demand for technical professionals but fewer people to fill the seats. Additionally, because of tight business budgets, company IT professionals are less likely to get the tools, training, and support other departments receive.

Sooner or later, something is going to break, glitch, or become outdated. When this happens, employees will grow frustrated and, again, IT pays the price. 

In an attempt to maintain status quo while stretching the department budget as far as it will go, IT teams often turn to third parties for assistance. Unfortunately, the more external resources are introduced, the more data silos the company has. Before long, the company has to allocate resources to fix the problems they helped facilitate in the first place. 

We have to change the way IT is regarded within the business. To do that, IT teams must be given the support need to to the job that is expected. 

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Using Agile Methodology To Restore IT’s Value

IT has spent years procuring, building, and maintaining systems on behalf of the enterprise. But what company’s do with those systems and how they’re brought together can ultimately offer a demonstrable benefit to the enterprise as a whole.

Agile methodology, or the ability to create and respond to change, is now being used to deliver platform solutions like Nintex, Armed with the agile mindset, IT teams can introduce critical solutions within their own departments that leverage existing platforms and investments. But, perhaps more importantly, they can demonstrate the value of agile methodology through real-life case studies. They can show how they got to their desired end state by showing their progression of development, gathering feedback, and letting feedback fuel future progress.

Agile Project Success Lives With IT

Your IT team has the opportunity to emerge as the authority in your organization when it comes to project management. When your IT professionals gain the support and resources necessary to learn and implement agile software development as a means to address their own challenges, they also become equipped to impart wisdom onto others. 

To get started, it’s important to start looking at your company’s internal structure a little differently. Once you realize that everything you do can be segregated and classified as projects and the teams associated with those projects, you are finally able to drive true disruption and transformation. 

Project-Based Organizations Must Be ProjectReady

ProjectReady, a subsidiary of Gig Werks, helps empower IT teams to achieve their hero journey by introducing repeatable processes, cross-platform automation and synchronization, and improved governance and security. If the completion of projects is central to the success of your organization, you need a way to manage them efficiently while improving communication and collaboration. ProjectReady adds an essential process layer to the work you do everyday that harnesses the full Microsoft 365 tech stack. 

If you would like to learn more about how Gig Werks and ProjectReady can empower IT to drive greater efficiencies, improve productivity, and generate an influx of revenue, contact us today. If you are looking for more resources for your IT department, check out the resources below. 

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