Process Automation That Modernizes The Enterprise

Drive Process Automation In SharePoint & Office 365

Discover how easy it is to implement intelligent process automation in SharePoint and Office 365 to truly modernize your entire enterprise with Nintex, SharePoint and Office 365.

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Modernize the Enterprise with Intelligent Process Automation in SharePoint & Office 365

Join award-winning SharePoint & Office 365 business solution provider Gig Werks to learn how you can modernize your systems and processes using intelligent process automation across SharePoint, Salesforce, Box, and numerous other best of breed systems with Nintex.

Traditionally, legacy systems built on SharePoint were built as WSP’s to allow customers to tailor functionality specific to their business needs. This approach limited the ability to scale, migrate, upgrade or take advantage of the newest technology available & more importantly it prohibits you from moving to the CLOUD or HYBRID environments. 

During the webcast we will discuss how you can modernize your legacy systems processes into scalable, repeatable, flexible & cloud ready solutions with an easy to use interface & user experience to drive process automation. 

Advantages of Modernization with SharePoint & Nintex 

  • Ready for the Cloud & Hybrid Environments
  • Lower Risk for deployment
  • Drag-and-drop visual design tools make it easy to visualize and automate even the most sophisticated processes
  • Scalable
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Quick to Deploy
  • True Quality Assurance
  • Drives business continuity
  • Management & Reporting of all contract lifecycle stages