How to Deliver Intelligent Process Automation in the Modern SharePoint Enterprise

Join Award-Winning business solution provider Gig Werks & see how to deliver process automation in the modern enterprise and the enormous business value of using the agile methodology.

During the webcast, learn the best practices approach to modernizing legacy systems with Nintex and how using agile keeps you on budget and ensures successful solutions adopted by the business by gaining valuable input from your team every step of the way. Additionally, see how Nintex is the best tool for process automation bringing all your business systems together (i.e. SharePoint, Salesforce, Office 365, & More) to drive automation & exponential value to your existing investments.

We’ll showcase how enterprises today are successfully moving away from legacy systems (i.e. WSP’s) and the benefits and best practices learned on their modernization journey with agile. We will also discuss how the move to hybrid and the cloud has simplified and expanded the capabilities for the business to connect systems & drive automation.

See the Benefits & Value of a Best Practices Agile Approach to Modernizing & Automating Processes with Nintex in SharePoint including:

  • Driving exponential value in your existing investments(SharePoint, Office 365, Salesforce & MORE)
  • No Code solution set with rapid ROI and speed of delivery
  • Extending value across business units (i.e. HR, Vendor management, Finance)
  • Maintaining Business Continuity
  • Shorter time to first release
  • Predictable cost for services
  • Making IT the hero with the ability to demonstrate progress and clear business value
  • Solution flexibility over time
  • Minimal change order management required

Easily Automate Numerous Business Processes with Nintex Including:

  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Document Generation, Review & Approval
  • Compliance
  • RFI/RFP Generation & Management
  • Employee On/Off-boarding

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