Intelligent Process Automation for the Government and Public Sector

Join Award Winning business solution provider Gig Werks On-Demand for a complimentary webcast on the enormous value and ROI that Intelligent Process Automation represents to the Government and Public Sector.

Today, many Government departments and institutions are stuck with legacy systems that are unable scale, be migrated/upgraded or that can take advantage of the newest technology and most importantly the Cloud. This, along with the numerous amounts of paper-based processes and systems currently used by institutions, makes the Government a prime candidate to drive the greatest value from modern process automation.

We will showcase how modern automation tools like Nintex can

  • Drive Significant Efficiency, Accuracy & Compliance
  • Automate your paper based and workflow processes to drive significant efficiency gains
  • Bring all your information & systems together easily
    (SharePoint, Office 365, Salesforce, Google, Dropbox, Dynamics & More!)
  • Drive Exponential Value to Existing Investments
  • Easily Manage and Adapt to Change
  • Easily Re-purpose your IP

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